For The Children

Anthony Branker




Written and produced by Anthony Branker while a senior in the Princeton University Department of Music in 1980, this recording of original Branker compositions includes the earliest recorded work of guitarist Stanley Jordan, a fellow student and collaborator at the time.


01 Circles (05:46)
02 A Dream Deferred (06:29)
03 You Can't Play In The Rain (01:30)
04 Unicorn (10:07)
05 For The Children (02:01)
06 Friendships And Rainbows (06:25)
07 Lift Me Higher (09:37)
08 Black On Black (02:49)
09 Do Dat (03:34)


Anthony BRANKER, trumpet & composition
John DOLAN, trumpet
Glenn CASHMAN, saxophones
Gary MONHEIT, piano
Stanley JORDAN, guitar
Dan KRIMM, bass
Jeff PENNEY, drums