A Different View

Ray Marchica


Respected NYC session drummer Ray Marchica presents his second date as a leader, supported by distinguished peers Rodney Jones on guitar, Tim Ries and Morris Goldberg on saxophones, Dick Sarpola on bass, Ted Kooshian on piano, and Café on percussion. Ray and friends deliver eleven tracks of straight-ahead small-goup jazz with a tight, New York City groove. A Different View is Ray's second following In The Ring (SSPCD017).


1 Pigfoot (7:01)
2 Miss Match (7:44)
3 Gospel (6:02)
4 Raimuh (7:31)
5 Tune In E (6:51)
6 Eccentricity (1:05)
7 Concentricity (6:21)
8 Rat City (5:28)
9 Song For A Rainbow (7:04)
10 My Prayer Of Love (6:18)
11 Intrusion (3:09)


Ray MARCHICA, drums

Ted KOOSHIAN, piano
Rodney JONES, guitar
Ted SARPOLA, bass
Tim RIES, tenor & soprano saxophones
Morris GOLDBERG, alto & soprano saxophones
CAFÉ, percussion