Salt Peanuts

Denis DiBlasio & Dave Mancini


Salt Peanuts is an experiment in small group jazz performance and the listening experience. Dave Mancini explains: "Our goal was to capture the energy and spontaneity of a jam session. All the tunes were recorded live to four tracks and mixed without overdubs or edits. This recording is deliberately not a high-tech production; our objective was to imitate the sound of older jazz recordings and to capture a live concert sound rather than a polished studio sound. Most of the tunes were recorded in one take, without predetermined arrangements. What is on this recording is what happened musically at that particular moment. If we recorded these songs again the results would be different. That's the beauty of small group jazz. For us, it is the ultimate setting for creative expression."


01 Secret Love (8:06)
02 Summertime (6:23)
03 When I Fall In Love (7:24)
04 What Is This Thing Called Love? (7:11)
05 All Nighter (6:20)
06 Salt Peanuts (7:11)
07 Sarah (7:56)
08 The Theme (8:05)


Denis DiBLASIO, saxophone, flute, & scat vocal
Dave MANCINI, drums

Biff HANNON, piano
Frank PULLARA, bass