Jodi Stevens in “Legally Blonde, The Musical”

sonsofsoundJune 29, 2015

Jodi Stevens (Girl Talk) will be appearing in the Summer Theatre of New Canaan production of "Legally Blonde" through August 9th.

"…the real highlights come from Jodi Stevens as Paulette, the warmly humorous hairdresser… Jodi shows her versatility, commanding the stage with hilarious timing…" -- Susan Grainger

"Especially marvelous is Jodi Stevens as Paulette, the zany hairdresser with a heart of gold and an odd obsession with Ireland’s supposedly romantic ways. Stevens, her beauty all but hidden beneath Paulette’s clown-like make-up, has the large features and silly-putty expressions of the best comics. Making intelligent use of her mobile face, height and long limbs, stage presence and terrific voice, she creates a gorgeously unique character and nearly steals every one of her scenes." -- Brooks Applebaum