Akira Tana brings Otonowa to Sons of Sound

sonsofsoundFeb. 1, 2015

Drummer Akira Tana makes his fourth release as leader on Sons of Sound with Otonowa, a recording that further develops his concept of presenting jazz arrangements of traditional Japanese folk melodies last heard on Moon Over The World.

Otonowa was developed in support of the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Northern Japan. Having assembled to perform a benefit concert 2011, the group completed the recording and returned to Japan in 2014 for a tour in aid of the ongoing relief efforts.

We are pleased to make this recording available world-wide and on some platforms for the first time. In association with the expanded release, Otonowa has been remastered in high-resolution, 24-bit/96kHz sound for download and streaming services that support higher quality audio, including Appleā€™s "Mastered For iTunes" format.